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Why Waah Organic?

Put simply, organic is good for you. No chemicals, no pesticides, and 100% natural fertilizers keep your insides as healthy as nature intended. By picking Waah Organic, you’re choosing 100% certified organic ingredients hand-picked by farmers across India. Go organic; your body, and the environment, will thank you!


Delicious Recipes.
Real Ingredients.

All of the taste, none of the harm.

Organic meets convenience

Simply Heat and Eat

Waah Organic isn’t only natural, it’s convenient. It’s all of authentic Indian cuisine in a handy pouch that you can carry anywhere – from camping to a dorm room, from your kitchen to your office pantry. Worried about its freshness? Don’t be, our organic vegetarian and vegan varieties stay fresh for 24 months without any additives or harmful preservatives. All you need to do is heat it up, and bring your appetite.

Three easy ways to heat

Cut open pouch and empty contents into saucepan. Heat for 3-5 minutes on a stovetop and serve hot.

Immerse sealed pouch in boiling water on a stovetop for 5 minutes. Remove pouch from stovetop. Cut pouch, empty the contents, and serve hot.

Cut pouch and empty the contents in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave bowl for 1-2 minutes until hot. Do not microwave pouch.

A Sustainable Future

Waah Organic works with Suminter India Organics, the premier producer of organic ingredients in India. Each ingredient is carefully sourced from our certified-organic farms. We work towards a sustainable future to bring you chemical and preservative-free, healthy meals made with the most authentic Indian recipes.