A couple of years ago Ready to eat food was an unimaginable concept, but fast forward a few years and you see RTE meals catering to the needs of several homemakers across the globe. Although the myth is that all RTE meals contain preservatives and artificial ingredients, several companies capitalize on natural packaged and preservative free food, causing a revolution in this industry.

Due to their large range of variety and convenience factor, they have found a place in Almost every household. With the rapidly changing socio-economic factors and hectic lifestyles, there is an accelerated demand for RTE meals. It’s not only the millenials buying this, but also several parents who are constantly looking for new and interesting options for their kids. Furthermore, the rise in the number of students who go abroad and want to carry their favorite food across the oceans, has further spurred the growth of this sector.

The common idea behind RTE is that it is packed with preservatives and not a natural option. However, companies are catching on to this by offering organic, natural, allergic and preservative-free options, giving it a healthy yet tasty twist. WAAH organic perfectly encapsulates this, offering a range of healthy, organic ready to eat Indian meals. By fusing health and convenience, WAAH offers a scrumptious and satisfying meal that you will not regret.